3 More Reasons For Becoming An Entrepreneur

You now know some of the Benefits of Becoming an Entrepreneur of the work from home industry.  Becoming an Entrepreneur is, by no means, a walk in the park but the fact of the matter is that the benefits are far greater than any of the work that may be required while starting your own business. To briefly recap, the first three benefits of becoming and entrepreneur were significant tax savings, unlimited income potential and the fact that you don’t need to have any of your own business ideas to become a work from home business owner. These three reasons alone are absolutely great incentives for entering the world of entrepreneurship. But does it stop there? Absolutely not! The next 3 reasons for becoming an entrepreneur deal with personal growth and personal development.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Other Benefits of Entrepreneurship

There are more than just three benefits to becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, we could probably write a pretty extensive article series detailing all the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur, but I won’t do that. My goal is not to bring attention to every benefit you will get by starting your own business. Once you enter the world of entrepreneurship, discovering the benefits of starting your own business is something that we all discover along the way from personal experiences, mentors and fellow entrepreneurs. Rather, my goal is to expose you to a completely different ideology that you may have not been exposed to growing up. Of course, this ideology pertaining to entrepreneurship, the possibilities that are available to you through entrepreneurship and the life altering impact that entrepreneurship can have in your life.

The next top reasons for becoming an entrepreneur

  1. Life Freedom – Most people would argue that they already have life freedom and that they don’t need to enter the world of entrepreneurship to do so. They don’t live under a dictatorship and they have a voice in government. While that may be true that is not the freedom that I am talking about. Robert Kiyosaki often asks the following questions to those that feel they already have true life freedom.  Does someone tell you at what time you need to be at work? If so, do they also tell you at what time you can eat lunch and at what time you can go home? Do they tell you how much money you can make regardless of productivity and do they tell you how much vacation you can take every year? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, can you really say you have complete life freedom? By becoming an entrepreneur, you are designing a life that will allow you to say ‘No’, with 100% certainty, to the questions asked above. You will work to design a life for you and your family that does not dictate at what time you have to work, at what time you can be with your loved ones, how much income you can make or how many vacations you can have. Becoming an entrepreneur is about owning and being in full-control of our lives.
  2. Leadership – Today’s world is in desperate need for leadership. Leaders, who will meet any challenge head-on, overcome and show others the way. By becoming an entrepreneur and entering the world of entrepreneurship you begin to tap into this valuable and sought after resource. When asked, most people will say that the reason for starting your own business is to make money. Well, I disagree. As shocking as this may sound, becoming an entrepreneur is not about making money! Becoming an entrepreneur is all about being a leader and helping as many people as possible whether it is to find a solution to a problem or to help guide them so that they may realize their dreams. Money is just a byproduct of your contribution, as a leader, to society. The better of a leader you are, the more money you will make.
  3. Exhilaration of Success – Succeeding at a work task can be exciting but at the end of the day we know that, that success will have no real impact in our own lives, other than allowing us to keep our job. Becoming an entrepreneur and succeeding at it can not only bring significant life changing opportunities, it also allows you to experience the exhilaration of success; the feeling of being alive, of being in control, of knowing where you are going and knowing that our success has produce something tangible that we will be able to benefit from directly. Of course, we may fail a few times before we ever succeed, but that’s OK because failure is an excellent teacher! Becoming an entrepreneur is all about enjoying the sweet taste of success!

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  1. [...] Your main reason for entering the world of entrepreneurship has to be deeper than “just to make money”. If that is your only goal then quite honestly, keep your daytime job because you will never be successful as an entrepreneur. However, if you have taken a deep look at yourself in the mirror, are willing to answer all the hard questions and have a solid reason why you want to become an entrepreneur, other than wanting to make money, you will soon discover the Benefits of Becoming an Entrepreneur. [...]

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