Famous Entrepreneurs Of 21st Century Business

Famous Entrepreneurs and 21st Century Business

History has seen some of the most famous entrepreneurs. From Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. These famous entrepreneurs we know of today have shaped the very existence of mankind. They have built wonderful businesses and have left lasting legacies. But today, in the 21st century, a new business has emerged and is allowing people from all walks of life to enter the entrepreneurial world and become famous entrepreneurs as many have done before them.

21st Century Business

Technology and the Internet have opened up a new world of opportunities to everyone around the world. Where before entrepreneurs could sale goods and services through a local store front, today these very same entrepreneurs can sale anything, to anyone, anywhere in the world through a simple web page on the internet. The internet has redefined how people can obtain good and services and is a key component of global commerce. In fact, according to Plunkett Research, an e-commerce and Internet Statistics company, total e-commerce retail sales for 2009 were estimated to be at $3,683 billion and are expected to increase 7% per year. 21st century business is not only revolutionizing the sales industry but is also producing top internet entrepreneurs that will be considered the famous entrepreneurs of our lifetime.

Famous Entrepreneurs

We are at the start of the 21st century and the internet has already produced some of the world’s top internet entrepreneurs. Individuals from all backgrounds and professions with no prior entrepreneurial skill sets that saw the power of the internet, what was possible and searched for an entrepreneur opportunity.  Some of these individuals have true rags to riches stories and other are just ordinary people with a dream who leveraged today’s technological resources to realize their  burning desire for success. So who are the famous entrepreneurs of 21st Century Business? Below is a list of 3 top internet entrepreneurs who have made a good name for themselves.

  1. Todd Falcone – Todd has is multi-million dollar earner, having worked his way to top internet entrepreneur in four leading internet marketing companies. He is a true leader and his candid and in-your-face approach to teaching success principles has captured the attention of thousands of internet entrepreneurs worldwide. Todd has shared the stage with business icons such as Jim Rohn and Les Brown and is considered one of the hottest rising superstars in the training and developmental arena of network marketing. He hosts a nationally recognized prospecting clinic and is the author of The Fearless Networker, a newsletter providing expert advice on success in Network Marketing.
  2. Mike Dillard – Mike was a young entrepreneur when he started his first business opportunity and is a true rags-to-riches story. He went from waiting tables in his early 20’s to now being one of the most respected and profitable entrepreneurs in the Network Marketing Industry making over 20 million dollars in sales in the last 4 years alone.
  3. Jonathan Budd – Jonathan is another young entrepreneur in his mid-twenties but he has already succeeded in making a fortune from network marketing thanks to his “positive” attitude and depth of knowledge. As a young entrepreneur, Jonathan focuses on improving himself, and by doing that he claims that his business has almost succeeded on its own. He is a real reason to believe that even a young entrepreneur can obtain success in this 21st century business.

Where Do You stand?

Today, if you have a burning desire, are willing to invest in yourself and learn new skills, anyone can become a top internet entrepreneur. The resources and success stories are there. It’s possible! All you have to do is find an entrepreneur opportunity that will take you to your end destination and put you down in history as one of the top internet entrepreneurs of our lifetime!

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  6. Thanks for this list. I’m striving to become a successful internet entrepreneur and this article will be my great source of inspiration.
    Vic @ Business Tips recently posted..List of Famous Brands and Companies Named After People

    • Hector says:

      Hi Vic!

      Welcome to Internet Entrepreneur Connection and thanks for taking some time to share your thoughts.

      This line up of successful Internet Entrepreneur’s is definitely one of my favorites but the fact of the matter is that there are so may successful internet entrepreneurs out there that naming all of them would be a task in itself.

      Now that I mention that, it gives me an idea for a great post series on some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs! :)

      Anyway, keep striving to make steps forward in your business and invest in yourself and in others, heavily, and there is no reason why you cannot succeed!

      I hope to see you around more often!

  7. Fredrick Onyango Okuto says:

    I strongly believe that this is the ultimate means of internet entrepreneurship especially at this 21st Century,i mean we need to build on something which can reach large numbers of people.Through network we can overturn marketing worries hence receiving high return of the final product.Thanks a lot May Lord bless you.

  8. Bob Ghosh says:

    True fact, now a days business promotion has become easier due to the boon of internet. It has brought the world closer to us, so 21st century entrepreneur’s are earning the desired recognition and playing smart business forehands to enlarge their business. Interestingly 21st century entrepreneurs are mostly of age group twenties or mid twenties and all credit goes to internet, because internet made them efficient, knowledgeable and keened to be an entrepreneur.

  9. Mabel says:

    pls can you give me a list of the 21st century entrepreneurial opportunites.

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